Scalable and fault-tolerant FUSE filesystem
backed by SX object storage

Never lose a file and never run out
of disk space again

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Unlimited shared storage

Keep your files synchronized between multiple servers without any effort. Data is fetched on demand, so you can read and store more data than your local storage.


Already included in Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian. Source code and Binary packages for other distributions available from our repositories.

Easy to use

Mount one or multiple volumes on Linux or MacOSX with a single command. Get the reliability and scalability of an object-storage with the convenience of a filesystem mapping.

Get Started

It’s quick and easy to get started with your SXFS.

What you need

3 Easy Steps

  • Install SX package
    $ yum install skylable-sx
    or $ apt-get install sx
  • Configure your credentials
    $ sxinit sx://your-cluster
    Connecting to x.x.x.x
    Enter password: *********
  • Mount the filesystem
    $ sudo mkdir /mnt/sxfs
    $ sxfs -q sx://your-cluster/your-vol /mnt/sxfs

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